Nail Wraps Are In!

The most efficient way to have flawless nail art this chaotic year. 

I might be wrong here, but I can't be the only person missing my favourite nail salon. With restrictions and social distancing still in for a significant part of the country, I have been compelled to handle my nails at home for quite a while, and keeping in mind that I do appreciate an occasional DIY manicure, it won't ever replace the touch and feel of a professional. Also, Nail Designs? No ways... My skills can't handle that degree of precision. 

Then came the nail wrap to make all the difference. DIY nail choices have boomed over the last year, first with press-ons and now with nail stickers of sorts, which can be printed with an assortment of details and embellishments. Also, don't stress—these aren't the stickers of the '90s, which could most probably last a couple of hours. There are a few brands that produce excellent nail wraps that can last as long as seven days with anything from botanical designs to sparkling bling. 

Nina Park, the author and Chief of Scratch nail wraps, clarifies that, contrasted with press-ons, "nail wraps [lie] exceptionally near the nail like polish," which implies that you're less inclined to have dirt seep underneath. Best of all, you don't harm your nail beds with glue (as with applying press-ons). What's more, when you're want to remove your wraps, simply soak in warm water for a few minutes, no chemicals involved, peel from the edges and all done. Simply be certain not to pick at the sticker when it's applied as this weakens the adhesiveness(that applies to your normal or gel nail treatments, too). 

Says Park of the nail-wrap pattern, "I have been so amazed by the boom in nail wraps lately. They're an extraordinary new way for nail techs to take nail art to the next level while giving clients to have beautiful, neat and instant nail art in under minutes." Sign me up! 

Look at the simple application bit by bit here. 

What you'll require: 

  1. Nail buff and file
  1. Cuticle pusher
  1. Alcohol pads
  1. Nail Wrap pack
  1. Gel polish and curing lamp (optional)


Step 1 

Prep your nails for the stickers by buffing your nails bed for a smooth surface to apply your nail wrap. File your nails into your ideal shape, and push back your cuticles. Remove any dirt or oils off your nails with an alcohol pad or cotton pad dunked in polish remover.

Step 2 

Remove film that covers the nail wrap or strip, choose the correct size for you nail before peeling off sticker. Press the rounded edge close to the cuticle and press firmly to cover the entire nail. 

Step 3 

Press the nail wrap firmly until the nail is covered from the base to the tip. This will make sure you don't have any air pockets in the sticker, and your nails will look and feel even. 

Stretch the sticker from one edge to another on your nail to help it fit snug. 

Step 4 

Trim any excess nail wrap from with a nail cutter and/or nail file.

Step 5

This final step is optional should you want the nail wrap to last longer.

Use a gel top coat (no wipe) and cure under Led UV Lamp for 30-60 seconds.




All done and enjoy your perfect nail art manicure!