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As the first stockist of premium nail wraps in the country, we're proud to offer a wide selection of beautiful 3D designs that are sure to make your nails pop!

As for the fashion-conscious among us, we also carry a range of luxurious Italian leather handbags that are both functional and eye-catching. Whether you're looking to accessorize your look or add a touch of elegance to your outfit, The Royal Range has you covered.
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Italian Leather Handbags Back In!




Thank you for bringing these good quality nail wraps to SA, I saw these in Singapore earlier this year and it's super cool. Now I just have to practise to perfect my skills with them. :P

Zahierah, Cape Town

Please let me know when you get more nail designs, I look like a million bucks!!!

Busi, Joburg

... I love that the nail sticker is flexible to stretch over my curved nails. So much fun just playing around with these...

Marie-Anne, Joburg

Thank you thank you thank you! This is now my favourite bag!

Savannah, Durban

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6 Biggest Nail Trends for 2021

6 Biggest Nail Trends for 2021

The year 2020 was especially trying and fascinating for the beauty sector overall, however it was particularly so for our nails. On account of the Coronavirus pandemic, we saw closing and shy re-openings of nail salons, an increment in skin inflammation because of safeguard handwashing, a call to end nail-gnawing in dread of getting the virus, and an uprising of at-home nail trim procedures like fake nails — all in under one year.
Nail Wraps Are In!

Nail Wraps Are In!

The most efficient way to have flawless nail art this chaotic year. 

I might be wrong here, but I can't be the only person missing my favourite nail salon.

Gel Nail Wraps - A Fabulous Alternative For Health Care Workers

Gel Nail Wraps - A Fabulous Alternative For Health Care Workers

Due to their likelihood to lift and harbour bacteria, many hospitals have pleaded doctors and nurses to stop wearing fake nails and gel polishes. Health care workers are turning to gel nail wraps and stickers to stay manicured in their fast-paced roles. 

Instant Nail art

How to Apply Nail Wraps in minutes!

View our video on Youtube for a step by step DIY application: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=np2Edm7LAD8