Nail Wraps! The Best Invention Ever!

"If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!" My involvement in this truism has been sometimes good, sometimes bad. The quality of some things was as advertised, others were utterly pointless and a waste of money.

I've always enjoyed getting my nails done beautifully, but I couldn't afford to go to the salon every few weeks. I could do my own nails, however I never seemed to have enough me-time or a few hours to spare. Just when I thought my nails were dry enough to allow me to continue my day… I would bump my newly painted nails. No man, not again!

Then came NAIL WRAPS!

When I first saw this clever nail stickers, I was unsure about them… .however fascinated. So I gave them a try. Why not? They cost less than a pack of press-ons.

Well, I fell in love right away!

These NAIL WRAPS fulfill all requirements:

They cost less than a manicure at a salon.
They come in 1000's of unique designs.
It takes under 30mins to apply.
They last for 2 weeks and sometimes longer.
They're simple to use.
Easy removal without using any chemicals.
Ladies, what's not to love?

Sincerely, I think these are the best invention since bottled wine!

I can't express enough how these nail wraps have completely changed my life. I now always have neatly manicured nails. When I tell people that they are just nail stickers that I applied myself, I get so many compliments.

Numerous complaints about nail wraps have come to my attention:

They dry out
They don't stick as expected
They begin to fall off after just a day
The tips begin to wear off
They are difficult to get off
They harm your nails
They are excessively flimsy or thick, and they are difficult to work with

I have not experienced any of above issues, and I have used quite a few brands. Maybe that's just because I followed the instructions exactly!

So, without wasting any more time, I'm going to show you how to apply and care for Nail Wraps in order to get a beautiful manicure every time!

1. Before applying the nail strips, properly prepare your nails.

Ladies, don't delay or take this step lightly. In the event that you don't prep your nails properly, how can you expect the nail wraps to work properly??
Completely remove any polish or stickers from nails.
Use soap and water to thoroughly clean your hands and nails.
Clip and file nails to the ideal length and shape.
Carefully push back the cuticles, if necessary.
Clean the nails thoroughly to remove any oils with rubbing alcohol.

2. Choose the correct width of the nail sticker per nail.

The sticker needs to fit as close as possible to your entire nail without touching your skin, or else it won't stick for long. All nail wraps are unique, whether you hold them right side up or upside down, some are the same. One end is more rounded and the other is more flat on some. The flat end is supposed to be close to your nail's base, but some people's nail beds are more rounded. In this instance, you would turn the sticker around.

I have trimmed the stickers numerous times to the desired width. Do not remove the backing before removing the sticker when you do this. Trimming the sticker while the backing is still in place is much easier.

3. Cover your nail with the nail wrap.

Take the sticker you want off the backing as well as the protective clear film.

Place a small portion of the sticker's base on your nail, just above your cuticle. At first, do not apply too much of the sticker. The only thing you need to do is make an "anchor" so you can move the rest of the sticker up your nail. I frequently flip my hand over to look at my palm during the "positioning" process to ensure that the sticker is adhered straight up my nail and not at an angle to the left or right.

I remove the sticker from my nail and reapply it a few times until I'm satisfied with its position. On the off chance that you have wiped every one of the oils off your nails appropriately, this shouldn’t be an issue.

You can adhere the sticker to your nail more firmly once you are satisfied with its position. I generally start in the center, and I work my way to the nail edge.

4. Trim the excess nail wrap.

I turn my hand so that I am looking at my palm at this point, and I trim the sticker above my nail.

5. The nail is filed.

I utilize the supplied a nail file to file off the excess of the sticker that hangs over my nail. I file in a single direction, toward my hand's palm. Continue to file gently until the edges are smooth and neat. Repeat this procedure on the remaining nails.

6. Put on a quality topcoat to seal the stickers!

My stickers last at least 2 weeks because this is possibly the most crucial step. Even though some brands of nail wraps say it's not necessary, my experience has shown me that it is very important. I prefer to apply a gel topcoat by curing under a LED UV lamp as your polish dried in 60 seconds. If time allows, I would occasionally use a Quick Dry topcoat, but you can use any top coat that has worked well for you.

First, I double-check that the sticker is firmly attached to the nail entirely. If not, press the sticker down firmly on a hand but smooth surface.

I reapply the topcoat right after after the nail sticker(s) have adhered successfully. It is crucial that the topcoat seals the entire nail.

There are thousands of different nail wraps to choose from these days, they have been so popular all over the world and it seems that South Africa only caught on with this new invention years later.

The Royal Range is the first stockist of quality gel nail wraps in the country, it is still a very new product on the market. They now come in 3D styles one can see and feel the gems and pearls protrude.

The vast varieties have been problematic for me, the market has been flooded with cheaper nail wraps that ruin the name of good ones. If you have tried a pack from China mall, you would be instantly put off and inevitably disappointed.
The idea is to choose a pack of quality gel nail wraps that the design you love, will feel and look good.

If you follow the above-mentioned step-by-step instructions, you will get a flawless manicure. Boosting confidence in the work place, out and about and even more for special occasions. There’s nothing wrong with making every day a special occasion.

Please pop me a WhatsApp message or email should you have any questions that the FAQ on THE ROYAL RANGE home page doesn’t cover. There is also a step by step video on YouTube on how I apply my nail wraps (search The Royal Range).

I hope to see some more ladies getting creative with their manicures out there!