Gel Nail Wraps - A Fabulous Alternative For Health Care Workers

Due to their likelihood to lift and harbour bacteria, many hospitals have pleaded doctors and nurses to stop wearing fake nails and gel polishes. Health care workers are turning to gel nail wraps and stickers to stay manicured in their fast-paced roles. 
" For frontline workers, wearing makeup is simply no longer a reality, and now the same goes for nail polish. We know that working in health care has never been a happy-go-lucky type of job, and that has never been more apparent than during the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only does fighting the virus take an extreme toll on the minds and bodies of health care workers, but it has also forced them to drastically change their beauty routines. In our "51 Faces of America" feature, health care workers reveal that wearing protective masks day in and day out has caused severe skin reactions, which is why so many have stopped wearing makeup and now are no longer allowed to have polish on their nails." - Nicola Dall'asen